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● Highly qualified professional faculty
● Fabulous Facility
● Wide variety of classes for ages 1½ - 18
● Performance opportunities

Start young...

Build a solid foundation at a young age with proper lessons in dance technique in our special Pre-School program.

Train hard...

Fully develop your dance technique...gain confidence & valuable experience.
Love the art of dance.

Reach high...

It is our duty to challenge our students and help them reach for newer & higher goals.


Opportunities to perform in our Nutcracker, Beauty & the Beast, Halloween Spooktacular, Company Showcase and annual June Recital.

The Nutcracker

4 Nutcracker performances scheduled for December 21, 22, 23 at the Scottish Rite Theater in Collingswood, NJ.

Beauty & the Beast

2 performances scheduled for April 14, 2019 at the Scottish Rite Theater in Collingswood.

Halloween Show

Our Halloween Spooktacular scheduled for October 28, 2018 at the Scottish Rite Theater in Collingswood.


Making dancers GREAT !!

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We build dancers!

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Dance Company  - Solos, Duos, Trios, Small Groups

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Simply click here to request a Sol/Duo/Trio/Small Group

General Informationn

Each year Solo/Duo/Trio/Small Group routines are performed by TSDC Dance Company members. They are requested by company members and are totally optional. They areEach year Solo/Duo/Trio/Small Group routines are performed by TSDC Dance Company members. They are requested by company members and are totally optional. They are not mandatory.

Each year the teachers & choreographers of TSDC share concepts and ideas to make the routines better and better each year. Some choreographers team teach to give dancers the best choreography & style for every dance. All dances are choreographed on a first come basis. Full payment must be submitted when the solo/duo/trio/small groupo request is submitted.

  • Choreography takes place from August through February.
  • Solo/Duo/Trio/Small Group requests can be made July thru January.
  • All S/D/T/SG routines are performed in our Spring Dance Company Showcase.
  • S/D/T/SG routines can be also entered in competitions and other TSDC performances.

What about Rehearsals

• Each S/D/T/SG will complete two hours of private rehearsal with the choreographer(s). A third final rehearsal is a clean-up session that is shared with other dancers and choreographers.

• There is a lot of work that goes into creating each dance before rehearsals begin. The style of dance, selection of music and new choreography are all developed on beforehand.

• DANCERS are RESPONSIBLE for REMEMBERING their choreography and most of all for PRACTICING!!

• It is highly suggested to video the end of each rehearsal to ensure the dancers can review their choreography and practice their routine on their own time.

What are the performance opportunities for S/D./T/SG?

Dance Company Showcase:
All solos, duos, trios and small groups perform at the annual Company Showcase. This performance will be in April at the Investors Bank Arts Center.

TSDC participates in local competitions, as well as National Competitions, such as NDS and Onstage New York. Each competition charges an entrance fee to compete. Entrance fees can range from $25-$100 depending on the level of the competition. Competition season runs from October through June.

Manhattan Dance Project:
Dancers who attend the dance workshop Manhattan Dance Project in Philadelphia have the opportunity to perform their solo, duo, trio or small group in the MDP Choreographers Showcase at the Kimmel Center in March.

Community Events:
TSDC is preparing to share the talents of our performers in our communities at retirement & assisted living centers, parades, charity events, community days, cabarets and other special functions. These will provide more performing opportunities and experiences for everyone.

What are the choregraphy prices?

Pricing is as follows:

  • Solos: $350
  • Duos: $200 per dancer
  • Trios: $125 per dancer
  • Small Groups: $100 per dancer

All solos, duos, trios and small groups will be assigned this year including music and style of dance.
Dancers may make a request of their music and style but we cannot promise that requests will be fulfilled.

What are the costume options?

  • Purchase a new costume through TSDC
  • Recycle an old costume
  • Purchase your own costume

NOTE: ALL costumes are to be pre-approved by Miss Tricia.

How is a S/D/T/SG request made?

Request for S/D/T/SG can only be made by Dance Company members

Simply click here to request a Sol/Duo/Trio/Small Group

Anyone interested in joining the Dance Company may do so.

Membership is accepted during the enrollment period, July through October.

What happens after the request is submitted?

After receiving the request and full payment, TSDC will email a confirmation with the assignment of the choreographer and other important information.